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Avondale-Phoenix International Raceway

Avondale-Phoenix International Raceway

Avondale, Arizona

Avondale, Arizona

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What’s in Avondale, Arizona?

Though it was once a farming town with alfalfa and cotton fields, Avondale, Arizona is now a major suburb of Phoenix with a variety of residential subdivisions for its 84 thousand residents.  Avondale is adjacent to Phoenix, and offers a variety of public attractions. For instance, are you interested in racing? Avondale is home to the ISM Raceway, which holds a couple different annual races: two Xfinity Series races, two Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series races and a Camping World Truck Series race.

Bee Problem in Avondale, Arizona

No matter how long you’ve lived in Avondale, Arizona, you’ve probably become aware of the bee swarms in Arizona. Though bee swarms occur across Arizona, there have been reports of bee swarms specifically in Avondale, Arizona.

Bee swarms can occur for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, one reason is because of the high heat in Arizona, and specifically in the summer months. Though there is nothing we can do about the high Arizona heat, we can protect our loved ones from bee problems with Avondale bee removal services.

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Avondale Bee Removal Services

If you have a bee problem in Avondale, Arizona, give us a call at AZ BEE KINGS! We are your go-to bee removal Avondale service, as well as Avondale pest control service.

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