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The hidden danger: Africanized Bees


European Africanized Bees

What are the dangers associated with bees?

The Hidden Danger in Arizona: Not All Bees Are Equal

Here in the Valley there is an explosion of activity when the brief winter gives way to the warming of spring. Honey Bees, by the thousands swarm out of their massive hives built all in the mountains and desert seek new shelter for their queen and new hives they hope to build.

Unfortunately ALL hives in Arizona are made up of Africanized Bees, which look almost identical to their less aggressive sisters (European Honey Bee). Although they look similar, the levels of aggression are worlds apart once the hive is established. They become a ticking time bomb if left unattended as the honey, number of bees, and bees aggression for defense perimeter will all continue to grow exponentially.

After a week of building, a hive could have several pounds of honey and a healthy 15,000 bees working and defending the hive. Africanized bees build honey more than 5x faster than the average bee and a month of building there could easily be 30-60 pounds of honey and double the amount of bees.

Bees are Responsible for an average 100 fatalities a year in America, Africanized bee will chase up to a mile, and wait for you to come up for air if you go under water. They are capable of delivering a fatal amount of venom to kill adults, children, dogs, and even horses.