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Bee Removal Goodyear, AZ

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Goodyear, Arizona

Goodyear, Arizona

Having a bee problem can not only ruin a good day, but it can ruin a good year. Furthermore, it can turn into a fatal situation for some individuals, if not properly addressed.

That’s why we’re here, to take care of all of your Goodyear bee removal services.

History of Goodyear, Arizona

According to Goodyear, AZ’s website, “The Goodyear of today exists because of the cotton of yesteryear.” In 1917, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased 16,000 acres to make cotton for airplane rubber tire. Though the community that formed from the Goodyear cotton farms originally called the town “Egypt,” due to the Egyptian cotton that was grown, the town ultimately become known as “Goodyear,” after the tire company.

The town of Goodyear has been used for cotton production in WWI and as an aircraft manufacturer and storage base during and after WWII. Throughout its history, the city of Goodyear has also witnessed bee problems, just like most other Arizona cities.

Bee Problems in Arizona

There have been a number of reported incidents of bee problems in Arizona, especially with Africanized honey bees.

Did you know that over 90% of Arizona’s honey bees are the Africanized, more aggressive kind?

Unfortunately, Africanized honey bees anger more easily than other kinds of bees, tend to strike in swarms and are extremely protective of their hives. If you notice a bee swarm near your Goodyear, AZ residence, you need to get to a location where they can’t get to you (i.e. inside your house or car), and call us!

Bee Removal Goodyear, AZ

We offer a variety of bee removal services  and pest control services to ensure that you and your family remain safe from bees and other pests in Goodyear, Arizona.

  • Bee Removal Goodyear, AZ

  • Bee Hive Removal Goodyear, AZ

  • Honeycomb Removal Goodyear, AZ

  • Bee Control Goodyear, AZ

  • Pest Control Goodyear, AZ

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Why Choose Us?

When you have a pest control problem or bee problem in Goodyear, Arizona, you need someone to come out and take care of the issue ASAP. That’s why you should contact our professional team here at AZ BEE KINGS. We are available 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can be sure when you call us, we’ll be there! We are extremely reliable and will most likely get to you within the hour of your call.

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